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Discover the world of classical music and experience it in a whole new way!

With our series of teaching resources, interactive app and virtual reality lab, music education becomes a totally immersive experience.

A holistic
learning experience

A fantastic tool to successfully teach classical music - with action-oriented activities to do in the classroom, games for pupils to access in the Fortissimo app, and a virtual reality music lab.

  • Portal for

    Here you will find ready-made and inspiring lesson plans to teach music today – easy to use regardless of whether you are familiar with classical music or not. 

  • Fortissimo

    With the Fortissimo app, learning becomes fun! The range of interactive games are especially designed to bring children closer to classical works and composers.

  • Digital Music

    Experience classical music like never before with our virtual reality lab! Explore the secret of sound, the range of musical instruments within an orchestra, and listen to concerts up-close.

We believe that every child has the ability capacity to learn well within a fun and supportive environment. We also advocate for music as a tool to increase mental cognitive capacity in a relaxed manner.

As humans we should strive to expand our knowledge, abilities and talents in order to create a more harmonious, joyful and connected world. Fortissimo stands for the harmonious, joyful and connected world of tomorrow!

Without music life would be a mistake’. (Friedrich Nietzsche)


Supported by the EU.
Classical music for everyone.

The complementing teaching resources, interactive app and virtual reality lab enable a holistic musical and learning experience. Inspired by the music curriculum, the focus is placed on actively engaging with music through playful learning and mindful listening.

Serious gaming makes it possible to impart knowledge, while promoting the enjoyment of learning at the same time.

Together with 23 partners from 14 EU countries we are developing Fortissimo in 11 European languages – this is the first digital music project of this magnitude. Together, we want to transform the understanding of classical music and bring joy into the world.

Was sie sagen

  • kent-nagano klein

    Kent Nagano


    Fortissimo is something extremely strong. It is about the force and the power of music. Young people are most open to what music offers. They bring forth new ideas and they are the source of creativity. Fortissimo supports all this!

  • carlo fontana 270x270

    Carlo Fontana

    President of the Italian National Theater Association

    We want Fortissimo to be part of AGIS-Scuola – a project that finally creates added value for tomorrow’s audience.

  • Beatrice Venezi klein

    Beatrice Venezi

    Conductor & Art Director

    Fortissimo è davvero il futuro della musica.

    Fortissimo is truly the future of music.

  • sigrid ueberbacher klein

    Sigrid Überbacher


    We learned so much and will introduce Fortissimo to our colleagues at our next CPD session. It was a great experience!