A Little Night Music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Rhythm in music

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In the lesson plan on Mozart’s “A Little Night Music,” you will delve into the parameter of rhythm in music with your class. You actively explore rhythmic elements with dice games, rhythmicals, and a rhythm bingo with your students. You will get to know the child prodigy Mozart through the Fortissimo app and immerse yourselves deeply in the music of “A Little Night Music.”

With a self-made flipbook, your students can easily remember all the newly learned material!

You can find it also on the APP

Child Prodigy

You can find it also on the APP

Child Prodigy
Listen here


  • Information about the work

    A Little Night Music - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    A Little Night Music is one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s most famous compositions. It was completed in Vienna on August 10, 1787, while Mozart was working on his opera Don Giovanni. It is a serenade for string quartet and double bass consisting of four movements: Allegro, Romance, Minuet and Rondo. The title A Little Night Music comes from Mozart’s own entry in his catalogue of works, where he translated the serenade genre into German. Serenades were originally evening entertainment music and were often played outdoors.

    A Little Night Music is still one of Mozart’s most popular works and is frequently used in concerts, films and advertising. It is characterised by its catchy melodies, its lively rhythms and its cheerful character.

  • Lesson 1

    1 hour

    We play along to the first movement of ‘A Little Night Music’

    Skills: Students…

    … play percussion instruments following specific instructions and agree on conducting gestures.

    … follow simple graphic notation and play along to the first movement of ‘A Little Night Music’ with percussion instruments.

    • 1 Videotrack

    With flip book

  • Lesson 2

    1 hour

    We play ‘Child prodigy' on the Fortissimo app.

    Skills: Students…

    … extend their knowledge of ‘A Little Night Music’ by playing the ‘child prodigy’ level on the Fortissimo app.

    … learn about the life and musical works of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    … learn to distinguish the musical themes from ‘A Little Night Music’.

    … learn more about string instruments.

    Level in the app:

    Child prodigy

  • Lesson 3

    3 hours

    Part I: We learn about the life of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
    Part II: We learn a secret code.
    Part III: We play the Mozart rhythmic game together.

    Skills: Students…

    … learn more about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    … associate words and rhythms using their voice and body percussion.

    … learn about note values and are able to reproduce rhythmic patterns.
    …learn about note values (crotchet and quaver) and other musical notations.
    …learn more about rhythm in music.
    …put their knowledge of note values into practice.
    …perform a rhythmic piece based on Mozart’s life together.

    • 3 Audiotracks
  • Lesson 4

    2 hours

    Part I: We play the Rhythm-Bingo game
    Part II: We compose our own rhythm

    Skills: Students…

    … match different rhythms to their corresponding note values.

    … are introduced to and learn the musical symbol representing a silence (quarter rest).

    … compose and write down their rhythm using rhythmic notation.

    …perform their own rhythm.

    • 2 Audiotracks
  • Audio & Video tracks

    You can find audio tracks for this lesson series here.

    When you download your teaching resources, you will also receive your licence key, which you can use to access audio and video tracks. Simply go to the Fortissimo app (or the online version of the Fortissimo app), tap the musical note icon on the top left of your screen and enter your licence key. You will then be able to access the audio and video tracks.

    When you click on an audio or video track, it will automatically play. You may have to wait a little while until all the data is loaded.

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    • 1 Videotrack

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