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Portal for teachers

Here you will find a range of teaching resources, each of which comprises a series of music lessons focusing on a specific work of classical music, as well as musical terms and concepts. Our step-by-step instructions will help you explore each topic with your class in a structured and creative way.

What can I find here?

You will find audio and video resources which will support you and help you teach music successfully.

Choose your lesson series

Each lesson series consists of a teacher’s resource, a corresponding level in the Fortissimo app, and a range of audio or video tracks for you to use during your lessons. Some series also incorporate creative craft projects, which students can design over the course of the lesson series. 

  • Titelbild-UR-Stradivari-Kopie150x150
    6-8 years

    The Strings – with Arcangelo Corelli

    Tempo in music

    The string instruments are an important part of the orchestra. Together with grandfather Stradivarius you will discover the world of the strings. You will also learn about the different speeds in music and, by using boomwhackers, you will get a practical and hands on understanding of tempo. A particular...

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    Grandfather Stradivarius
  • Titelblatt-Eine-kleine-Nachtmusik150-150
    6-8 years

    A Little Night Music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Rhythm in music

    Using one of the most famous works of classical music, explore the concept of rhythm with your students. You will meet a child prodigy called Mozart, and discover his well-known piece ‘A Little Night Music’. You will also learn about musical notation through a series of rhythmical games, including a Rhythm-Bingo!

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    Child Prodigy
  • Titelblatt-Die-Morgenstimmung-150x150
    6-8 years

    Morning Mood – Edvard Grieg

    Volume in the music

    In this lesson series, you will explore the concept of volume in music. Students will learn about the life of composer Edvard Grieg and discover one of his most beautiful pieces of music called ‘Morning Mood’. You will also explore the structure and sound of the flute, and have a go at composing music.

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    Who is Figaro?