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The lesson sequence transparency in use

Do your students always know what the goal of the music lesson is? No? Then implement lesson sequence transparency in your teaching, and everyone will be informed.

A structure within the lesson sequence transparency

The lesson sequence transparency, which is included in every Fortissimo Teacher’s Guide, provides you and your students with a clear representation of the series of lessons that have been carried out. In keeping with the theme of the series, symbols – such as a sun with rays in Edvard Grieg’s Morning Mood – are printed out and hung up in the classroom.

The lesson objectives of the respective learning unit are written here on the sun rays in the Morning Mood lesson series. At the beginning of your music lesson, you can detach the appropriate ray with the learning objective from the sun and hang it next to the flag on the board. This way, it is clear for each child what is to be achieved in this lesson.

The use of lesson sequence transparency is the same in each lesson series. Only the symbols change. For example, in the lesson series A Little Night Music by Mozart, the moon and the stars guide you through the lessons, and in the string instruments with Arcangelo Corelli, a castle with clouds gives you orientation. You will also find specific explanations in the respective manual for the lesson series.

In order to make the structure of the lesson transparent for your pupils, you can also work with the lesson transparency . You can find more information here.

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