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The lesson transparency in use

Want to create more structure in music class? Give it a try! With the lesson transparency cards from Fortissimo, you can design your successful music lesson.

Structure in the music lesson

In each Fortissimo Teacher’s Guide you will find lesson transparency cards to help you and your class easily follow the flow of the music lesson. Each lesson series consists of several units and for each unit you have an overview page. This overview page gives you a good, short and concise orientation for the activities of the lesson. There are numbers, social and music forms.

You can put the lesson transparency cards on the board at the beginning of each lesson so that your class knows what you will be doing and when. You can see exactly how this can look here:

You can easily introduce the sequence of the lesson at the beginning of the music lesson. The arrow moves from top to bottom and shows the phase of the lesson you are in. The best thing about it is that you and the children always know what you have already achieved in the lesson and what still needs to be done.

To make the lesson objective of the respective learning unit clear, you can hang the symbol of the flag with the lesson objective from the row transparency above the lesson transparency.

You can find more information on the use of row transparency here: The row transparency in use.

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